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Influence of Competitive Intelligence in the Promotion of Information Delivery in Agricultural Libraries in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria


Unobe, Elameyi Susan

Kashim Ibrahim Library, A.B.U. Zaria



This paper discusses the influence of competitive intelligence in the promotion of information delivery in Agricultural Libraries in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. Library and librarians’ knowledge and adaptation of competitive intelligence in library service is considered a very important requirement for efficient and effective information delivery in libraries because a library is an essential element in the educational and research endeavour of research institute most especially a agricultural research institute that require painstaking research activities considering the needs for food self-sufficient and source for country income. Therefore, agricultural librarians should understand their clients’ needs make the best use of their competitive intelligence, plan service provision, promote the available services, and deliver them efficiently and effectively. However, the paper discover that agricultural librarians are yet to maximize their potentials as information requirement in agricultural institutions are becoming increasingly complex and competitive. The paper then concludes that agricultural librarians should acquire the technique and skill of competitive intelligence to promote information delivery services to agricultural libraries.

Keyword: Agricultural Libraries, Competitive Intelligence, Promotion, Information Delivery.




Le Mutisme des Femmes dans les Romans de Calixthe Beyala


*Ijah Gideon Akase **Ibrahim Muhammad Ndagi

*Department of French, Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nasarawa State, Nigeria **Department of Mass Communication, Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa State, Nigeria.



La société africaine peut être réduire à l’homme puisque c’est lui qui dicte sa structure et son fonctionnement mais, il est évident que tout ce qui est fait peut être défait avec le temps. Les rapports actuels entre les hommes et les femmes sont le résultat de constructions sociales bien définies. Dans un dialogue serein et franc, on peut les abattre comme de vieilles immeubles pour en élever de nouvelles qui n’étoufferont aucune entité. Nous n’impliquons pas que c’est une tâche facile qui s’accomplit en un clin d’œil car, comme un arbre millénaire dont les racines se perdent dans les profondeurs de la terre, il est ancré en l’homme qu’il a le droit de s’approprier la femme et d’en user comme il l’entend. Nous savons aussi qu’on ne renonce jamais à un privilège sans avoir essayé au auparavant de le conserver par tous les moyens possibles. Cependant, si l’homme est conscient de la détermination de la femme à changer les rapports, il se rendra à l’évidence et agira en conséquence. Et c’est dans ce contexte que nous voyons la solidarité féminine comme une nécessité.

Keyword: Mutisme, Femmes, Romans, Calixthe, Beyala




Baby Factory and Human Trafficking in Nigeria: A Religio-Geographical Perspective


*Dr. Rimamsikwe Habila Kitause, JP & **Ayesukwe Rimamsikwe Ishaku

*Department of Christian Religious Studies, Faculty of Arts, Taraba State University, Jalingo, Taraba State **Department of Geography, School of Arts and Social Sciences, College of Education Zing, Taraba State



Baby factory and human trafficking are contemporary criminal outfits in which the sacredness of human life is flagrantly and inhumanly overlooked. Through these acts, their perpetrators seem to have reduced human life to a mere commodity for sale to bidders of like minds from within and outside Nigeria. This paper employed descriptive and analytical approaches in its studies. It is unearthed that perpetrators of these crimes are diehard individuals who do not easily give up on the illegal business since it pays them very handsomely with material gains. Overcharged by this uncontrollable materialistic desire, operators of Baby factory and human trafficking exhibit no sympathy on their victims but maximised every opportunity in order to benefits from the deal. The paper submits that there is the need to bring the real financiers and power brokers behind baby factory and human trafficking to book so as to bring these crimes to a halt in Nigeria.

Keyword: Baby Factory, Criminals, Girl, Human Trafficking, Money, Nigeria




Negative Impact of Terrorism on Nation’s Economy


*Tijani Suleman Olatunji and **Momoh, Ailenoghena Karim

*Department of Humanities and Social Science, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi **Department of Business Administration and Mgt. Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi



This research work examines the impact of Terrorism on Nigeria economy which centres around exhibiting the challenges posed by the socioeconomic and political vices in the society (Boko Haram). This study on terrorism and Nigeria economy, assessment of the situation of things currently in Nigeria especially in Borno State and the entire Northern part of the economy. The method of data collection used in this research is secondary sources and primary body and magazines. Questionnaire and interview are the primary source of getting answer. The research find out during this research is that Boko Haram has led to the flight of safety and security for most Nigeria residing in the North indeed, there is an upsurge in the frequency of crime committed as Boko Haram had created wide spread insecurity across Nigeria comes to conclusion that the Government as a matter of priority must do everything possible to put an end to Boko Haram terrorism and also reduce Youth unemployment to the barest minimum to forestall further easy recruitment into Boko Haram and only the military approach is capable of putting an end to it.

Keyword: Impact, Terrorism, Economy, Conflict, Boko-hararn




A Review of Organisational Culture and Climate in Public Enterprises


*Ismaila Abubakar & **Usman Isa

Department of Business Management Education, Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola **Department of Public Administration, Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola



Organisational culture and climate are the natural forces, which leave an imprint on the organization. Both have a strong impact on the organizational performance, particularly during transformational change. This paper dwelt on the impact of these concept on public enterprises. A review approach was adopted and the findings shows that organisational culture and climate plays a significant role on the performance of public enterprises. The authors therefore conclude that public enterprises can perform better if the attitude as well as the behaviours of leaders towards the elements of organisational culture and climate are changed.

Keyword: Organisational culture, Climate, Public enterprises, Values, Leadership.




The Significance of Political Theory in the Contemporary Political Discourse: Exploring the Methodological Hardcore of the Political Science Discipline


*Muhammad Daiyabu Hassan PhD & **Abdulrahman Dangana Lukman

*Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria **International Relations and Strategic Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria



Being regarded as the hardcore of political science discipline, this paper explored the significance of political theory in contemporary political discourse taken into cognizance its traditional and contemporary dimension. While the method used in the study is content analysis of predominantly secondary sources, the paper adopted the Systems Analysis to the study of Political Theory for proper analysis. Findings revealed that traditional political theory focuses on the history of political thought from the ancient Greek theorists to the present by looking at different historical, philosophical, institutional and legal aspects of politics. Contemporary political theory on the other hand focuses on developing the concepts and language as well as posting the relationships and defending the methodology that allows for testing claims about how political world turns. It reflects upon political phenomenon, processes and institutions and on actual political behaviour by subjecting it to philosophical or ethical criterion. Thus, political theory performs three main functions which include the description of political phenomenon, social criticism, and reconstruction of the political system through postulation of ideas and opinion. It concerned mainly with the fundamental problems of the state such as the rights and duties of citizens, the relationship between the citizens and the state, the role of civil society in an organized entity and the like. In other words, it focuses mainly with prescribing what is right and wrong, good and evil, the nature of an ideal state (justice and political stability), and the purpose of the universe or human life as well as evaluating the desirability of political actions or state of affairs.

Keyword: Political Theory, Political Philosophy, Political Science, Systems Analysis and Political Discourse.




An Islamic Perspective on Gender Equality Controversy in Nigeria


Sajo, Abdullahi Muhammad

Faculty of Arts Department of Religion and Philosophy, University of Jos



This paper aimed at assessing the gender equality controversy in Nigeria from the Islamic point of view. The researcher intends to distinguish between  the myth and reality of gender equality from the Glorious Qur’an and sayings of the noble Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).   The study also look at the participation of Muslims women in governance, where and how they can contribute their quota socially, politically and economically. The findings of the study is that Islam equalizes both man and woman in so many issues except in leadership, be it marital, religious or political. Others include acceptance of witnesses in terms of judgment in courts and in inheritance sharing. The method used in generating data for this research is mainly library materials.

Keyword: Islam, Gender, Equality, Controversy. Nigeria.




Political Violence in Nigeria: A Threat to National Security


Akaangee Terfa

Department of Political Science, College of Education, Oju.



Since the return of democracy in 1999, Nigeria has witnessed increasing wave of political violence. The last two general elections in 2011 and 2015 have witnessed an unprecedented orgy of violence perpetrated by the members of the various political parties. The 2019 general elections are around the corner and serious concerns have been expressed by well-meaning Nigerians on the level of political violence across the country. This paper therefore, recognizes political violence as a threat to national security. The paper has examined the effects of political violence to national security and peaceful coexistence among the various socio-cultural groups in Nigeria. The paper employs the content analysis as its main methodology; the paper observes that political violence violates fundamental bases of democratic rule and weakens both internal and external sovereignty of a nation state. The paper concludes by recommending among other things effective policing and the entrenchment of true democratic ideals as some of the feasible measures to curtail the increasing wave of political violence across the country.

Keyword: Violence, youth, politics, political violence and national security.




Motivation Factors that Enhance Employees’ Performance in Nigerian Libraries


*Anas Abdullahi, *Mohammed Hamma Manga **Ahmed Aliyu Bobo

*Department of Library and Information Science, School of Communication and Information Science, A.D Rufai College for Legal and Islamic Studies Misau **Department of Library and Information Science, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Polytechnic Bauchi (Atap)



The paper describes. Some motivational factors that enhance employees Performance and also ascertains the extent to which these factors Influence performance and all analysis show that increase in Salaries/wages leadership styles of supervision, promotion; fringe benefits, e.g refunds of medical bills, car and furniture loans, training opportunities, Recognition (praise/award) and provision for job security during and after retirement aim significantly factors for employees performance. Although number 0f incentives are provided in the Libraries, Employees will continue to demand more of them as a result of Man’s in satiable desire to acquire more financial and materials benefits.

Keyword: Motivation, Enhance, Performance, Libraries, Factors.




Instincts that Enhances Boss/Secretary Relationship in the Work –Place in Selected Business Organizations in Abia State


Innocent, Glory Chimnechetam

Department of Office Technology and Management, School of Management Sciences, Federal Polytechnic, Ekowe, Bayelsa State,Nigeria.



The study focused on identifying the major instincts/factors that motivates a strong relationship between a Boss and Secretary in the work place. The population of the study consisted of 60 secretarial staff. There was no sample, drawn from the study, the whole population was used. Four research questions were formulated which guided the study. There was no hypothesis, A 21-Item structured questionnaire was developed, validated and tested for its reliability. Percentages and frequencies were used to answer the research questions. The m ajor findings of the research were:-

  1. Partnership or Deputizing a boss motivates or enhances a stronger instinct between the boss and secretary in the work-place.
  2. The secretary’s role in organizing her boss schedule of daily duties enhances a stronger relationship.
  3. A secretary’s tactfulness and the way she psychologies callers and irate human beings enhance their cordial relationship.
  4. The secretary’s instinct in organizing or achieving his boss or executives objectives matters a lot. It was concluded that some secretaries encounter lots of problems, examples lack of settlement on the job, lack of motivation and satisfaction, they are being disparaged in decision making in management team. Insufficient supply of modern gadgets in the office.

Bosses likes secretaries that are resourceful in their ability to execute mature judgement. It was recommended that secretaries with proficiency in exhibiting their skills should be considered. Bosses in-turn should employ secretaries with the ability to communicate. Possessions of pleasant manner, being polite and tactful, punctual to duty posts, Psychology initiatives. All this factors enhances a strong and solid cordial relationship amidst a Boss and secretary.

Keyword: Boss, Secretary, Motivation, Relationship, work-place, Tactful and communication.




The Commodification of Social Media Sensations in Nigerian Entertainment Industry 


*Onifade, Oluwafemi Sunday, **Babalola, Akinola Oludare and ***Adenusi, Ramotalai Adetola

*Department of Mass Communication, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi **Department of Mass Communication, Yaba College of Technology ***Babcock University Ilishan-Remo



This paper examines the exploitation of underage Nigerian social media sensations by entertainers and politicians in Nigeria. The study is based on the commodification of the minors through public performances. Using Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe’s Discourse Theory, the study examines the commercial undercurrent behind the public appearances of Moruf Bello (Megabyte) and Success Adegor -two Nigerian kids who are internet sensations. The study employs a narrative approach with Critical Discourse Analysis as the method of study. Video clips showing the public appearances and performances of the two children are analysed. The study concludes there are countless more talented kids scattered across Nigeria and that entertainment gurus and politicians have latched on the fame of the two kids under the limelight for economic, social and political capital. It recommends that governments should make basic education truly accessible to every child without hidden charges.

Keyword: Entertainment, Citizen Journalism, Education, Discourse Theory, Child Labour.




State-Centered Approach to Political Economy


*Inuwa Abdu Ibrahim, **Husseini Adamu Husseini, *Sirajo Ado Jahun, *Ahmad Sabo, Ph.D

*Department of Public Administration, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi **Department of General Studies, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi



The rise of political economy has led to the continued generation of arguments as to the relevance and obligation of the state. This paper however focuses on the state centered approach to political economy. Being a qualitative approach data were drawn from secondary sources such as journals, books, newspaper, online publications and articles. The national accommodation theory of pluralist societies was adopted to explain the dynamics of African states. The paper concluded that, the state is the main driving force of structural change and economic progress. That most of the third world countries as requiring a recreation through comprehensive administrative transformation and political discipline and that a distinction between “soft and hard” states should be made. Hard states are capable of enforcing and with little resistance policies on the society. While, the soft states are primarily overwhelmed by interest groups (Rent- seeking), that are capable of deterring and also reversing the agenda of the state.

Keyword: Africa, Development, Political economy, State-centered approach, and Theory.




Managing Civil-Military Interactions in a Democracy: Perspectives of the Central Naval Command 


Edward D.Yeibo, Aniefiok J. Udoudo & Pauline O. Ohiagu

Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria



The desire to achieve genuine civil-military relations in Nigeria has remained problematic due to the perception of the military as oppressive. Apart from setting up a relationship department, the Nigerian Navy undertakes some civil-military relations efforts to bridge civil-military distrust. This study investigated the civil-military relations strategies of the Central Naval Command in its area of operations. The specific objectives were to: find out the civil-military relations projects undertaken by the Central Naval Command in its area of operation; find out the impact of civil-military relations strategies adopted by Central Naval Command in its area of operation; and to identify the challenges that militate against civil-military relations in the Central Naval Command’s area of operation. The study was anchored on the Concordance theory. The descriptive survey research design was used to study a population of 9, 069, 982 from which a sample size of 384 was drawn. The sample size was based on Philip Meyer’s sampling system. Findings of the study showed that the Central Naval Command has undertaking projects, such renovation of classroom block and free medical outreaches in its area of operations. It was also found out that despite the projects, occasional clashes and the alleged manhandling of civilians by some naval officers results in a frosted relationship between the civil populace and the naval authorities. The study recommended, among other things, that beyond the initiation of projects, the Central Naval Command should address occasional clashes and the manhandling of civilian by some naval personnel.

Key terms: Central Naval Command, Central Naval Command’s Area of Operations, Civil-Military Relations, Civil-Military Relations Projects, Civil Populace.




Mass Media Coverage of Development News in Rural and Urban Areas of Bayelsa State, Nigeria


Anderson Nikade, Christie U. Omego & Christopher Ochonogor

Department of Linguistics and Communication Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Port Harcourt, Nigeria



The place of the mass media in accelerating the development of the society and its people enjoys a global recognition. In the Nigerian context, the Nigerian media have been accused of neglecting community development initiatives. This study investigated the coverage of development news reports by journalists in Bayelsa State. The aim of the study was to comparatively investigate the challenges of development news reporting in urban and rural areas of Bayelsa State.  The specific objectives of the study were, among others, to:evaluate patterns of development news reporting of urban and rural areas by journalists in Bayelsa State; and to find out the challenges of reporting development news events in urban and rural areas of Bayelsa State. The study was anchored on the Agenda-Setting theory. The investigation used the descriptive survey research design to undertake a census of the 320 registered journalists in Bayelsa State.Findings of the study showed that development news reports in the rural areas were significantly neglected in favour of the urban areas. It was also found out that ownership interest was the leading cause of neglect of development news reports in the urban and rural areas of Bayelsa State. Based on these findings, the study recommended, among other things, that as part of their social responsibility and in keeping with ethical standard, journalists in Bayelsa State should strive to identify development news sources in the rural communities and that the ownership of media stations in Bayelsa State should put public interest above personal or parochial concerns.

Key Terms: Development News, Development News Reporting, Journalists in Bayelsa State, Mass Media, Rural and Urban Areas.



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