Journal of African Sustainable Development (JASD) Vol 17 (7) June, 2019

Hummingbird Journal of African Sustainable Development (HJASD)

Vol 17 (7) June, 2019 ISSN 2218-8777

Published by: Hummingbird Publications and Research International,

Centre for Trans-Saharan Studies,

University of Maiduguri, UNIMAID, Maiduguri, Borno State, Nigeria.

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The Role of Nigeria-Benin Boundary Commissions in Resolving Border-Conflict in West Africa: The Case of Lolo and Madecali Borderlands


*Abdulrahman Dangana Lukman and **Muhammad M. Nurudeen Ph.D

*International Relations and Strategic Studies, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria **Department of Political Science and International Studies Ahmadu Bello University Zaria-Nigeria.



This study examines the role of the Nigeria-Benin Boundary Commissions in resolving the 2009 community cross-border conflict between Lolo and Madecali. The border conflict over “Tungan Kungi” area threatened the long history of interactions that hitherto existed between the two settings; weaken socio-economic activities; and introduces various claims to land. The study employs the qualitative research method through an empirical survey by conducting specialized interviews (with staffs from the NBCs of Nigeria and Benin; and Security officials) and focus group discussions with the affected communities. The study adopts some of the ideas of the Neo-Functionalist Theory (which underscore the significant role of actors in inter-state relations). Findings showed that, due to the arbitrary nature of the boundary designed by the French and British colonialists, the towns of Lolo and Madecali were designed unilaterally in favour of the two powers without taking into cognisance the dynamics of the affected communities. However, strong mechanisms which include regular joint border visits; regular sensitization campaigns; bilateral summits’ of Presidents and Trans-border Cooperation Workshops etc. were put in place. This study recommends that the NBCs should reflect clearly on the appropriate instruments to be adopted in delimiting the Lolo-Madecali border; identify local peace-building priorities that would address the strategic issue of farmland; and also adopt the culture of prevention, while mechanisms for dialogue and peaceful resolution of the border conflict must be made more appealing and accessible.

Keyword: Border Conflicts, Territorial Claim, Boundary Commission, Nigeria and Benin, Lolo and Madecali




Evaluating the Effect of Random Economic Investments on the Gross Productions of Agriculture, Steel, Coal and Iron


Peter, Onyedinma Chinedu, E. N  Ekaka-a & N.M . Nafo

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Port Harcourt University, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt.



While the effect of varying a single element of a technological matrix on the gross productions of four demand elements may be considered as a popular linear algebra solution approach, the inclusion of varying an element of the technological matrix that is perturb by random economic investment on the gross productions of agriculture, steel, coal and Iron can be considered as a challenging numerical mathematics application in the theory of inter-dependence of some Nigerian industries.  To tackle this sophisticated sustainable problem, we have utilized a MATLAB algorithm that we have not seen elsewhere to tackle this problem.  The full novel results of this study are fully presented and discussed in this paper.

Keyword: Productions, Agricultural, Random, Economic, Investments.




Private Sector Involvement in Reducing Housing Deficit through Land Acquisition and Compensation in Nigeria


M.B. Ogunleye, PhD.

Department of Estate Management, Federal University of Technology, Akure.



The title of this paper is Private Sector Involvement in Reducing Housing Deficit through Land Acquisition and Compensation in Nigeria. This paper is to draw attention to some of the problems and highlights the importance of Housing delivery to the individual and the economy as a whole. It is however hope the Government will act as a matter of urgency make the necessary reforms needed to support the sector’s development. Private individuals are also to partner with the government in ensuring a formidable partnership and sustainable housing delivery.

Keyword: Acquisition, Compensation, Involvement, Deficit, Reducing




Effect of Training and Work Performance to Enhance Human Resource Development


*Sani Mustapha Kura **Mohammed Alhaji Yusuf *Aishatu Musa

*Department of Social Work, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri **Department of Business Education, Ramat Polytechnic, Maiduguri.



Training strengthened persons to attain how to be current at job by transforming knowledge, skills and mind-set during education put into practice to attain efficient practice. individual reserve theories ropes the importance of teaching in which measured as one of the procedure in completing executive goals through creating a centre of attention and sustaining workforce, and also handling them effectively. Previous learning promised that employee support is an important forecaster of workforce job routine. On the job training on employee performance the study showed that in general training enhances employee performance in change processes. It was recognized to assist convenient be positive strong association linking teaching with routine of workforce. Suggested that all workforce have to be implicated in one means then the prior teaching to improve worker familiarity, talent, capability, competencies and conduct. This article explores the creative writing re-examine on the relationship between training and job performance.

Keyword: Training, job Performance, Knowledge and Resource Development




Revealing the Impact of the Bauchi State Agricultural Development Project (BSADP) in Providing Advisory Services to Farmers in Bauchi State, Nigeria


1Umaru, B.Y,.  1Babuga, U.S, and 2Garba, A

1Department of Agricultural Technology, Federal polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria 2Department of Agricultural Extension and Management, Binyaminu Usman Polytechnic,           Hadejia, Jigawa State



 Some of the mandates of the Bauchi state agricultural development programme (BSADP) were examined in promoting agriculture in Bauchi state. Methodologically Bauchi LGA was selected which is a sub zonal office of Western Zone (NABORDO) of the Bauchi State Agricultural Development Project (BSADP). This sub zonal office has 24 extension block cells and out of this eight block cells were selected at random (Bauchi, Buzaye,  Miri,  Tirwun,  Zungur, Durun, Dindima and Kangere) also ten respondents were randomly selected from each of the selected block cells. Questionnaire was designed inline with the objectives of the study.  Eighty (80) questionnaires were administered to the respondents in the study area. Ten (10) per each block cells. Data collected were analyzed using simple descriptive statistics and Likert four points scale to measure the ways farmers benefitted from BSADP and the constraints facing the farmers across the state. The results of the study showed that, majority (90%)of the respondents were male; within the age bracket of 31-40 years (62.5%); with 10 years of farming experience (54%);also (50%) married, having 1-10 persons as  their house hold size; sources of information: Radio(50%),farmer to farmer extension(25%);television(15%); and news papers(10%) were ranked 1,2,3,4,respectively .Major constraints identified; high cost of inputs were raked 1st (50%), inadequate extension services 2nd   (27.5%),problem of cattle reares 3rd (12.5%), and poor government policy 4th (10%). Farmers are advised to form farmers association to take advantage of group action to enhance quality seed and other input procurement.

Keyword: Agriculture, Advisory, Impact, Bauchi and BSDAP




Advertising, Culture and the Representation of the Nigerian Woman: A Study of Coca-Cola’s “Mama Di Mama” and Airtel’s “Miss Out” Commercials


*Onifade, Oluwafemi Sunday; **Adenusi, Ramotalai Adetola **Fasaanu, Bolanle Olubusayo

*Department of Mass Communication, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, Bauchi State. **Department of Mass Communication, Babcock University Ilishan-Remo, Ogun State.



 This paper examines the influence of culture on the representation of Nigerian women in Nigerian television commercials. The paper examines the influence of modernization, and globalization on the duties and responsibilities of the Nigerian woman. Based on the statements and assumptions of Altercasting theory, the study examines the cultural themes in two commercials as well as the portrayal of women in each of them. The commercials under review are Coca-Cola’s “Mama di Mama” and Airtel’s “Miss Out”. Using the Discourse Analysis method, the study concludes that women have greater domestic responsibilities placed on them irrespective of their levels of occupation or income. The paper posits that the overloading of women with domestic duties as portrayed in the two commercials limits the maximization of the nation’s workforce for development. The study recommends that everyone should develop competence in domestic skills irrespective of gender because transformation requires uncommon efforts. Nigeria’s desired evolution into a developed country would require the blurring of gender lines. It also calls for the development of research culture in manufacturing companies and advertising agencies so that television commercials and other cultural productions can reflect the current social realities and resonate with their target audience.

Keyword: Advertising, Feminism, Discourse Analysis, Altercasting, Development.




Evaluating the Puissance on Metal Matrix Composite (Mmc) Connecting Rod and Regular (Carbon Steel) Connecting Rod.


*A. Apasi, **Sulaiman Abdulkareem ***Bruno Orisanaiye Akinjide And *D. S. Yawas

*Department of Mechanical Engineering Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. **Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, P.M.B. 1515 University of Ilorin. 240003, Ilorin ***Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Federal Polytechnic Bauchi, Nigeria.



 Metal-matrix composites (MMCs) have emerged as a class of materials widely used in the engineering field. The general characteristics possessed by metal matrix composites are found to be the reason for using it in the automotive application in preference to high energy intensive metals.   The  main aim of the present work is to compare the results of the common forces acting on metal matrix composite  connecting rod and the Regular (carbon steel) connecting rod and use the value of the result obtained to advance reasons why automotive application especially connecting rods are made by metal matrix composite materials. The research work commenced with casting of the metal matrix composite sample connecting rod by stir-casting method and purchasing the Regular (carbon steel) connecting rod. The two types of connecting rods were earlier tested on a Toyota starlet of 12 valve model E series live engine.Theoritical calculation of forces acting on the two types of connecting rod,ie,  Regular (carbon steel) connecting rod, and MMC connecting rod was carried out and the result obtained are: 23760N,12672N,3.14×10-6N/m2,and84.7Mpa: 10464.8N,1358.53N,2.84×10 -6 N/m,and 81.7Mpa respectively, show that stress induced in metal matrix connecting rod is lower than that of the regular(carbon steel connecting rod. Hence the replacement of connecting rod material with MMC will give improved strength and reduce induced stress in the structure.

Keyword: Connecting rod, MMCs, Stiffness. Stir- casting, Whipping stress.




Apparel Quality Influence on Tertiary Institution Students’ Loyalty to Nigerian Made Apparel in Edo State, Nigeria.


Abiri Ibrahim Zuberu

Department of Marketing, Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo-State.



This paper examined the apparel quality influence on the loyalty of students in selected tertiary institutions in Edo State students to buy made in Nigeria fashion apparel. The objectives of this study is to ascertain and determine if these qualities have positive effects on customer perception and choice to buy made in Nigeria apparel products. A research survey method (simple random sampling method) was used to select the three institutions under study from the tertiary institutions in Edo State. The data were collected from primary sources using questionnaires and secondary sources such as textbooks, journals etc. A questionnaire survey was conducted on 200 respondents randomly selected from each of the three institutions in Edo State under study (Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma and University of Benin) using the convenience and face-to-face methods. The data were analyzed using the simple percentage to determine the relative importance of each of the questionnaire items while the hypotheses was tested electronically using the STATA software package to determine the level of influences of colour, style, fit and price on student loyalty to made in Nigeria apparel. The results revealed that colour influence had negative impact on students’ loyalty but was considered insignificant. Style, fit and price had positive impacts and significantly influences the students’ loyalty to buy made in Nigeria apparel. The researcher concludes that apparel qualities (colour, style, fit and price) have desirable level of influences and impacts on tertiary institution students loyalty to patronage made in Nigeria apparel products. The researcher recommended that apparel makers should research into students apparel wants and desires to capture their right choice of apparel qualities and preferences. The government should create the enabling environment and financial support to local apparel manufacturers to enable them make standard and quality apparel products that can be compared to foreign made to discourage importation of apparel and conserve foreign exchange.

Keyword: Border Conflicts, Territorial Claim, Boundary Commission, Nigeria and Benin, Lolo and Madecali




Role of ICT in Secondary School Administration: Evidence from Secondary Schools in Yola Metropolis, Adamawa State


Hadiza Dauda, PhD

Department of Business Management Education, Adamawa State Polytechnic, Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria..



The complexity of academic activities in secondary schools demands that there should be effective and efficient ways of handling them in order to achieve qualitative results. The use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) definitely provides solution to this challenge. This study examines the role of ICT in secondary school administration in Yola, Adamawa State. Data were collected from 100 teachers in ten selected secondary schools in Yola metropolis bothering on the use of technologies for record keeping and communication. Descriptive analysis was applied to data and it was revealed that ICT was rarely employed for keeping school records and maintaining line of communication with interest parties. It is recommended that government, administrators, and teachers should see investment in ICT as a dependable way for achieving educational goals of secondary schools.

Keyword: Information, Communication, Technology, Secondary School, Administration




Assessing Teaching Practice Anxiety Levels among Medical Education Students in Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria


Abdullahi Sabo Muhammad, Ph.D & Muhammad Bello Abdullahi

Department of Education (Technical), College of Science and Technology, Kaduna Polytechnic, Kaduna.



The current research assessed the levels of teaching practice anxiety among Medical Education Pre-service students in Kaduna Polytechnic, Nigeria. Six null hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. Descriptive survey research design was adapted for the study. An international structured questionnaire developed by Capel (1992) was adapted and modified to produce 45-items classified into nine sub-units to constitute the tool for data collection. The tool reliability was determined using Cronbach alpha technique yielding .946. The participants are 87 Medical Education trainee-tutors. The collected data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. The findings of this research reveal that generally the teaching practice anxiety levels were low among the medical education tutors. Similarly, programmes, age brackets and marital status variables did not produce much statistical significance. Based on these findings, recommendations were suggested among which there should be regular workshops and seminars programmes for lecturers who function as supervisors during teaching practice on skills for effective and efficient supervision. In addition, they should display a friendly disposition during their interaction with student-teachers. Finally, is to ensure trainee-teachers are properly groomed on all teaching and pedagogy courses continuously before proceeding on teaching practice, using ICT to actualize this during micro-teaching to reduce anxiety and stress.

Keyword: Teaching practice, Anxiety, Medical, Education, Students




Comparative Analysis of Performance of Different Machine Learning Algorithms for Prediction of Success of Bank Telemarketing


1Aliyu Aishatu Mohammed, 2Morufu Olalere, 3Abdullahi, Ibrahim Mohammed

1Department of Computer Science, Niger State Polytechnic, Zungeru, Niger State, Nigeria 2Department of Cyber Security Science, Federal University of Technology, Minna Niger State, Nigeria 3Department of Computer Science, Federal University of Technology, Minna Niger State, Nigeria.



 The development in technology has brought revolution in many areas of endeavors across the globe. In recent years, telemarketing has been a popular method of marketing in bank industry. Telemarking is a method of direct marketing in which a salesclerk beseech potential clienteles to buy products or services by means of phone calls. For effective managerial decision, prediction of success of bank telemarketing becomes necessary. Hence, there is need for prediction approach that will predict success of bank telemarketing with high predictive accuracy. As a result, various researchers have proposed different approaches for prediction of success of telemarketing. Machine learning approach is one of the famous approaches used by the previous researchers in this area. Different prediction algorithms have been employed, though not many of these algorithms have been applied in this area. To identify the best machine learning algorithms among the already used and unused becomes impossible. Consequently, this study presents comparative analysis of performance of different machine learning algorithms for prediction of success of bank telemarketing. To achieve this, a dataset of 45,221 instances with 17 attributes was used to train these algorithms in WEKA environment. The performance of each algorithm was measured in terms of Accuracy, Precision, Recall and F- Measure. Our performance evaluation analysis revealed that Random Forest performed best in terms of accuracy while Voted perceptron has lowest accuracy. In terms of precision rate, SMO perform best while Voted perceptron has lowest performance in terms of precision rate. It is our hope that this study will go a long way in assisting future researchers and bank industry in the selection of predictive algorithms. Keywords Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Decision Table, Multilayer Perceptron, J48, SMV, LMT, WEKA.

Keyword: Telemarking, Random Forest, Data Mining, Prediction, Machine Learning




Role of Gender on Reasoning and Psychosocial Abilities among ECE and Non-ECE Children in Kaduna State, Nigeria: Implication for Sustainable Development


Ibrahim Zubairu (PhD)



          The paper investigated the role of gender on reasoning and psychosocial abilities among ECE and non-ECE children in Kaduna state, Nigeria. Two objectives were stated with their corresponding hypotheses formulated to guide the study. The design was an ex-post factor in which two instruments; Reasoning Ability and psychosocial Ability Tests were administered to 393 pupils drawn from ten schools in ten local government areas of the state with a population of 248,801. Two hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The hypotheses were formulated in line with the two research questions raised as well as in line with the two objectives stated. The hypotheses were tested at 0.05 significant level. Factor analysis was used to test the hypotheses which revealed that; gender has significant role on reasoning and psychosocial abilities of children (f = 8.144, p = 0.005, and f = 7.321, p=0.004, respectively). The two null hypotheses which states that there is no significant difference in the (i) reasoning and (ii) psychosocial abilities of urban and rural children were all rejected.  Based on the findings, it is recommended among others that parents and teachers should foster the reasoning and psychosocial abilities of all children irrespective of their gender differences. Finally, it is recommended that educationists, psychologists and counselors should be exposed to the numerous benefits of early childhood education in order to equip them for their tasks of enhancing reasoning and psychosocial abilities of children.

Keyword: Development, Implication, Reasoning, Psychosocial, Sustainable,




The Nexus between Information and Communication Technology in the 21st Century and Real Estate Surveyors and Valuers Roles in Nigeria.


Salisu Magaji, & Ibrahim Garba,

Department of Estate Management, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi



          Hitherto, real estate activities are performed by the estate surveyors and valuers manually thereby proved to be hectic, cumbersome and time-consuming. This paper exploits the connection between information and communication technology in the 21st century and real estate sector. The paper examined the immense roles played by estate surveyors and valuers and the contribution that ICT gives in the various functions performed by estate surveyors and valuers in the discharge of their duties. It also affirms that ICT has the capacity and capability to influence the activities of estate surveyors and valuers in relation to their roles such that when properly exploited, a lot of dealings can be done at the comfort of the office giving room to carry out transactions with people in the outside world in safety and comfort.

Keyword: information and communication technology, real estate surveyors and valuers, roles,




نظرة سريعة إلى مفهوم الأدب وتطور مدلول الكلمة


*د. محمد المنصور عثمان**ونعمان عمر

*قسم اللغة العربية، كلية أمين صالح للتربية أزري، ولاية بوتشي. **كلية أحمد الرفاعي للقانون والدراسات الإسلامية والعربية ,ميسو-ولاية بوتشي، نيجيريا.




الأدب ظاهرة اجتماعية تتأثر بغيرها من الظواهر الأخرى كالحياة السياسية والاجتماعية للأمة، والنشاط الفكري والحضاري لها، والبيئة الطبيعية التي ينشأ فيها.

لقد كان أدب كل أمة مرآة صادقة تعكس على صفحتها  صورة واضحة المعالم لحياتها المتعددة الجوانب، وتكشف عن جدها ولهوها، وسعادة أبنائها، وشقائهم، وعواطفهم، وانفعالاتهم، وأحلامهم وتشاءمهم، وتفاؤلهم، وتقدمهم أو تخلقهم أو تطلعهم إلى المستقبل.

وأدب اللغة ما أثر عن شعرائها وكتّابها من بدائع القول المشتمل على تصور الأخيلة الدقيقة وتصوير المعاني الرقيقة، مما يهذّب النفس ويرقّق الحس ويثقف اللسان. وقد يطلق الأدب على جميع ما صنف في كل لغة من البحوث العلمية والفنون الأدبية، فيشمل كل ما أنتجته خواطر العلماء وقرائح الكتاب والشعراء(1).

وهذه الكلمة (الأدب) من الكلمات التي تطور معناها تبعًا بتطور حياة الأمة العربية وانتقالها من طور البداوة إلى أطوار المدينة والحضارة.

وثمة كلمات تطورت تدريجيا فانتقل معناها إلى معان أخرى، وللإسلام دور كبير في انتقال الكلمات، الأمر الذي أدى إلى وجود الاصطلاحات العلمية فسمّيت قسما كبيرا من الكلمات بالمنقولات.

وفي كتاب (المزهر) للإمام السيوطي باب معرفة الألفاظ الإسلامية. قال ابن فارس في فقه اللغة – باب الأسباب الإسلامية:

Keywords: الكلمة, وتطور,  مفهوم, سريعة, نظرة.




Application of Queuing Model to the Customer Management in a Banking System


1Aminu Haruna, 1Usman Hassan and 2Ja’afar Aliyu

1Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi. 2Department of Basic Studies, Federal Polytechnic, Bauchi.



          The application of  queuing model is of immerse  important in the banking system which include   reducing waiting time (queue) which happen to be the most challenge in the banking system. In view of the wide spread economic climate in the country, there is a greater used to manage our time as well as to minimize the lost of customers, it’s also significant to highlight the use of queue model in view of competition. This research consider one week of two working days from 8:15 – 10:45 of a total time of 2hours 18minutes at the withdrawal section of First Bank Bauchi main branch, in which M/M/4 was considered where the arrival time of the customer is exponentially distributed and the service time also follows an exponential distribution in which four servers were considered, a first come first serve basis was also observed. The capacity of the system is infinite, customer arrival rate and service rate was observed, the probability that servers are idle and busy, the average number of customers in the queue (LQ) and also in the system (LS) was obtained, the research observed the problem of queue in the banking system and it was discovered that most reasons that make customers to queue in the bank is as a result of lack of enough servers and Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) application. If servers and Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) application is in a good condition, customers will be serve as they arrive.

Keyword: Average number of customers in the queue ( LQ), Average number of  customers in the system (LS), I.C.T, First bank. System, Waiting time.




Design and Implementation of Axial-Type Switched Reluntance Motor


Moshood Yusuf1, A.B Yusuf and Hassan Salawu

Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Kaduna polytechnic, Kaduna.



This paper presents the design of an axial-type switched reluctance motor (SRM) with the aim of improving the output torque characteristic. The axial-type structure has several           advantages, including a large air-gap area due to the dependence on the radial length, whereas the air-gap area of the radial-type motor depends on the axial length. This advantage is expected to increase the inductance and the output torque. This study describe the design of an axial-type SRM and the fabrication of a prototype SRM using laminated iron sheet. The theoretical value of the design of the SRM with those obtained by experiments is compared.

Keyword: Electric motors, finite-element methods, switched reluctance motor (SRM).



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