◦ What kind of papers does Hummingbird Research and Publications International (HBRPI) publish?

Hummingbird RPI aims to publish quality academic research papers in all the areas of science, education, humanities, engineering and management.

◦ How can I publish my papers in Hummingbird Publications?

The research paper publication process starts with the submission of your research paper through the respective emails designed for each conferences or journals which can be found on the call for papers circulars/ flyers.

Intended authors who can’t find the designed email addresses can directly mail us and the upcoming conferences and journal details shall be mailed to them.
Authors can submit original research papers, case studies, survey paper, extended versions of previously published papers in international journals & conferences.
The peer review process usually complete within 09-12 days time, depending upon the number of research paper in queue.

for more information, check the information page.

◦ Are you open to qualitative method?

Yes, we encourage and accept papers where mathematical models are used for analysis and conclusions.

◦ Is it possible to submit the same article to HBRPI and another Journal simultaneously?

No. While submitting your papers for publication, you have automatically given an undertaking that the article submitted by you is not published or submitted for publication in any other journal. The article not accepted by HBRPI can be published in any other journal. The conditions for the non-acceptance of article will reach you within 12-15 days of the submission of article.

◦ How does the reviewal process work?

The review of academic papers is done through a blind peer review. All the articles received by HBRPI are send to Review Committee after deleting the name of the author to have an unbiased opinion about the research.

◦ How do you choose the reviewers?

Eminent academicians are on the editorial and advisory board of HBRPI along with that, we have a panel of renowned academicians and industry professionals to review the research articles.

◦ How long do reviews usually take?

Maximum time for review of any article is 9-12 days.
Authors can check the status of their submitted paper via their emails or by physically collecting it during the conference.

◦ How long does it take for an accepted paper to be actually published?

The theme for upcoming conferences is displayed three months prior to the publishing of the issue. It takes the minimum one month for an accepted article to be published. If the accepted article does not come under the theme of that quarter, the time taken to publish the article would be longer.

◦How can I pay for the Fees?

All the accrued fees will be attached to you on the acceptance letter.

And, the bank account informations will be mailed to you as well.

◦ How can I contact HBRPI Editors?

To contact the managing editor, please kindly use our contact form on the Contact Us page and he’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You!